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School Counsellor Support

Some vital information for parents for our School Counsellor

Dear Parents

We know that your children will have a lot of questions at this time. Our school counsellor has asked me to send these resources to support you and your children. I will keep sending resources through to you and we will be placing them onto our website. 

How do I explain to my child why there has been so many changes outside the home?

Children need to feel reassured and comforted during times of change. They will take your lead in dealing with these changes and so modelling healthy behaviours and regulating fear/emotions will help them know how to respond to uncertainty. Please spend some time to watch this youtube story with your child called "Time to Come in, Bear" which illustrates the message of why we need to practice social distancing.


For older children, here is a comic


As a parent, I'm feeling overwhelmed at home

These will be trying times for all of us especially parents and working parents. Please form virtual connections with parents within the school community or other groups, reach out and ask for help. Your wellbeing and your family's wellbeing is more important right now so please keep things simple at home, practice self-care and please be kind to yourself. For parenting advice, you can talk to a qualified counsellor/psychologist at Parent Line NSW.


or call 1300 1300 52, weekdays 9am-9pm, weekends 4pm - 9pm.

 Is the school counselling service still available?

Yes, the school psychologist, Kelly Rump, is available Monday and Thursday, 9am - 3pm to help support your child with any social, emotional and behavioural concerns and to suggest resources or referral services to assist you at home. Please email the school turramurra-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au and ask to make contact with the school psychologist.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for support.