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Student Wellbeing

Great activities to do at home (from the Department of Education):

A variety of activity suggestions from the Department.

Other ideas:

-Video conference (Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.) family members and friends. You could do this at the same time each day with the same person.

-Create a project with a friend or friends through Google Slides, Prezi or a similar online sharing project program. You could create a project on anything you like (a book, video game, school). Chat while you are working either through text or by having a video conference or chatting program running at the same time.

-Yoga. Again, YouTube is your friend here!

-Write a card for a friend or teacher to give when you are back at school. You can write a card for each person in your class even!

-Spend time outdoors. Tend to the garden slowly. Really make a difference to a small section rather than tackle a big job. Enjoy the sunshine. Look closely at the different leaves on plants. Look for patterns in the clouds. Watch the journey of insects. Take notice of the world around you!

-Go on a virtual visit or tour of a real place. There are a whole heap of zoos, museums and historical places that have virtual tours and live webcams that you can check out. "Visit" these places as a family and chat about what you see.
Here is a small selection of what's out there:
-Melbourne Zoo live stream - Website
-San Diego Zoo videos and live stream - Website
-The Smithsonian Museum - Website
-The Louvre - Website
-The Great Wall of China - Website
-Mars - Website