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Library - Stage 2 (years 3&4)

Year 3 - Library Choice Board

A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon


ACTIVITY: Just for fun, draw a large picture of yourself and decorate it with your own “Bad Case of ….”  For example, if you love carrots, draw yourself surrounded by carrots and then decorate yourself, with the effect that eating the carrots has had on you.

Flood - Jackie French

Window - Jeannie Baker

Belonging - Jeannie Baker

The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery - Graeme Base

Mallee Sky by Jodie Toering and Tannya Harricks
Activity: Write about your favourite place. Why do you love it? List all the reasons with lots of description and detail.


Go on a colour hunt in ‘Mallee Sky’. List the colours, sorting them into bright, light and dark colours. Then create a picture of your own landscape using colours.