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Downloads for Practising Computer Skills at Home

These articles are designed for parents and students to work together. They include basic, but important, information students require to use a computer to the standard expected. They are not lessons, as such, but resources you can refer to any time.

Computer skills - Kindy

Computer skills - Stage 1

General school internet/email account information

All students have an internet/email account. It is in the form:

firstname.lastname@education.nsw.gov.au (some students have a number after their surname)

Most older students (Stages 2 and 3, plus some Stage 1) will know this from accessing other online edcuational resources, but younger students might be using codes, or different username/password combinations to access things like Seesaw, ClassDojo, Mathletics, etc.

Your email address is also works as Google Account! If a website requires 'signing up', (students - please check with your parents first), if there is an option to 'Sign in with Google' then the @education.nsw.gov.au email address will work. Once the email address is entered, rather than type your password on that website, you are 'redirected' to the school portal logon (this will look familiar), then you enter your username/password here securely. You are then sent back to the original website and will be signed in.

Always take care when signing up to 3rd party providers/websites. If you're not sure, do a quick Google Search and read reviews.

Suggested websites

3D Design

Tinkercad (years 3-6)

Although the website is tinkercad.com, students should access through the link sent to them in their email (subject would be similar to "Tinkercad Link"), as this takes them straight to their class. The student 'nickname' should be in each student's own email (an email they sent to themselves) with the code. If there are any issues, please contact the school for assistance.

Sketchup (years 3-6)

Students access Sketchup through their Student Portal - it is part of the G Suite (Google Apps for Education), and located at the bottom of the first column.



Scratch is a 'drag and drop' block-based coding website.

Although suitable for all years, younger infants students will most likely need assistance.

For those new to Scratch, the "Ideas" button at the top links to numerous tutorials. The "Explore" button displays 1000s of examples other users have created, and allows other users to "look inside" to see how the program was created.

Students are encouraged to create their own account, but will need parent permission.


A wide variety of coding based activities for all ages. Many activities do not require an account