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Department of Education links

The Department of Education has compiled a list of resources for each subject area. Follow this link and scroll down to Digital Resources to find the subject you are looking for:

Department of Education resources


Other ideas:

Shared reading

Spend time reading one-on-one, or having children of different ages read to each other. Encourage children to read, talk and think their way through the text.

Have students predict, question during and after reading, clarify and summarise (Super Six/Reciprocal Reading).

Further information about how to assist students with this can be found at this website.


Listen to a story be read on YouTube

The Library section of our school website has links to heaps and heaps of wonderful YouTube readings of picture books.


Literacy Planet - Website

Students all have access to this. They will need their login details to access the site.



Have children write a journal or keep a daily diary.


Email/Letter writing

Rather than keep a handwritten journal, children could write to a family member or a friend and have them write back.



Practice forming letters.

A letter a day (lower and upper case, write other words starting with that letter, write sentences with those words included…).


Pobble365 - Website

Pobble365 has a daily writing stimulus students can access. Students can use the stimulus to write a story (or they could focus on one of the Seven Steps to Writing Success skills – further information follows), they could use the provided story starter to finish a story (copying the story starter down first is a good idea), they could answer questions based on the picture, complete sentence challenges or complete the Perfect picture! activity.


Seven Steps to Writing Success - Website

Students have been learning about the Seven Steps to Writing Success at school during term 1. This online resource has some resources that parents and students can access.

The following link has some good resources, including Inspiring Great Writing Using Technology: Seven Steps for Writing Success website