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EAL/D (English Addition Language or Dialect)

Suggested websites

Here are some useful, educational websites that your child could enjoy while learning from home.









Story ideas and worksheets

Peg the Hen - teaching ideas

Peg the Hen - worksheets

Gus the Duck - teaching ideas

Gus the Duck - worksheets

Zac the Rat - teaching ideas

Zac the Rat - worksheets

The Big Hit - teaching ideas

The Big Hit - worksheets

Spot's First Walk - teaching ideas

Spot Goes to School - teaching ideas

Mox's Shop - teaching ideas

Mox's Shop - worksheets

Jake's Tale - teaching ideas

Jake's Tale - worksheets

Language activities

Phonics - instructions

Single sounds - a printable worksheet of single letter sounds with pictures.
Click here for 'Single Sounds' audio

Blends and ends - a printable worksheet with letter blends at the beginning and end of words - with pictures.
Click here for 'Blends and ends' audio

Double sounds - a printable worksheet of double letter sounds with pictures.
Click here for 'Double sounds' audio


Face Off! - a fun game where children draw or print out faces, then cut them into squares and rectangles. They roll the dice to switch pieces with a partner, then do the math to find out just how mixed-up your face really is!

Who Am I? - a who am I game with descriptions that need to be matched to pictures of bears

My family - a task of labelling members of two families.

In the kitchen - a labelled illustration of a kitchen.

Helping at home - a checklist for helping out at home.