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EAL/D (English Addition Language or Dialect)

Here are some useful, educational websites that your child could enjoy during these next few weeks









Thank you

Dawne Furze

EALD Staff

Here are some resources for our younger students, as well as those students who have been working with Mr John and Mrs Furze, to support their learning at home.

Story ideas and worksheet

Peg the Hen - teaching ideas

Peg the Hen - worksheets

Gus the Duck - teaching ideas

Gus the Duck - worksheets

Zac the Rat - teaching ideas

Zac the Rat - worksheets

The Big Hit - teaching ideas

The Big Hit - worksheets

Spot's First Walk - teaching ideas

Spot Goes to School - teaching ideas

Mox's Shop - teaching ideas

Mox's Shop - worksheets

Jake's Tale - teaching ideas

Jake's Tale - worksheets

Language activities

Phonics - instructions

Single sounds - a printable worksheet of single letter sounds with pictures.
Click here for 'Single Sounds' audio

Blends and ends - a printable worksheet with letter blends at the beginning and end of words - with pictures.
Click here for 'Blends and ends' audio

Double sounds - a printable worksheet of double letter sounds with pictures.
Click here for 'Double sounds' audio


Face Off! - a fun game where children draw or print out faces, then cut them into squares and rectangles. They roll the dice to switch pieces with a partner, then do the math to find out just how mixed-up your face really is!

Who Am I? - a who am I game with descriptions that need to be matched to pictures of bears

My family - a task of labelling members of two families.

In the kitchen - a labelled illustration of a kitchen.

Helping at home - a checklist for helping out at home.