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Creative Arts

Department of Education links

The Department of Education has compiled a list of resources for each subject area. Follow this link and scroll down to Digital Resources to find the subject you are looking for:

Department of Education resources


Other ideas:



Direct observational drawings. Rubbings of leaves.



Create sculptures from recycled materials


Arthub for Kids - Website

All kinds of art lessons for kids, including how to draw, paint and create origami.


Pobble365 - Website

Use the Perfect picture! prompt to create an artwork


Random ideas:

-Make a time capsule

-Hold a karaoke concert!

-Choreograph a dance

-Make a shoebox diorama

-Make or play an instrument

-Take photos

-Play dress up

-Play restaurant

-Make or do a jigsaw puzzle         

-Try origami

-Paint or draw a picture

-Have a talent show




· Put together a combination of pots, pans, Tupperware and wooden spoons and have a jam with your own drum kit!


· Choose an object from around your house and experiment with how many different sounds you can make with it by playing it different ways

· Use an A4 piece of paper to see how many different sounds you can make with it (challenge: can you find over 25 ways?)


· Choose a song from the list below to listen to:

o   VIVALDI – Summer: YouTube Link (Orchestra)

o   BRAHMS – Hungarian Dance No.5: YouTube Link (Piano)

o   BEETHOVEN – Fur Elise: YouTube Link (glass harp)

o   OFFENBACH – Can Can: YouTube Link (line rider)

o   RIMSKY-KORSAKOV – Flight of the Bumblebee: YouTube Link (Orchestra)

THEN choose an activity below:


o   Whilst you’re listening, imagine what you think the song is about and draw a picture!

o   Listen to 2 of the above pieces.  Which do you prefer? Why?


o   Research the composer of the piece.  Where did they live?  Which instruments did they play?  What contribution did they make to the musical world?


· Create a soundscape using objects from around your house (challenge: video yourself playing it!)

· Use recycled rubbish from around the house (eg. bottles, boxes, lids, tins etc) and create your very own instrument! (Take a photo/video of yourself playing it!)

· Use your imagination to create your own instrument and draw a diagram of it.  Think about the materials you would use and the sounds it would make!


· Choose an orchestral instrument and use your Google skills to find out the following:

o   When was it first made? How is it made?

o   Which instrument family does it belong to? Why?

o   Find a song which features this instrument