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Department of Education links

The Department of Education has compiled a list of resources for each subject area. Follow this link and scroll down to Digital Resources to find the subject you are looking for:

Department of Education resources


Other ideas:


Personal Interest Project

Have students work on a project on a topic of their choice. They could pick a country, famous person (inventor, author…), animal, moment in history, your family history, etc. Students can create this online, but they may have more fun creating a project by hand!


Behind the News (BTN) - Website

Behind the News is a fun, accessible way for upper primary and secondary students to learn about what's happening in the world around them. There are questions in the teacher resource section. We recommend checking the content of episodes before watching with your child.


NASA Kids' Club - Website

From NASA Kids' Club website:

NASA provides a safe place for children to play as they learn about NASA and its missions.

On this site, you will find games of various skill levels for children pre-K through grade 4. These games support national education standards in STEM -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics. See the Game Descriptions and National Education Standards below.

The NASA Kids' Club Picture Show is an image gallery of some of NASA's coolest and most interesting pictures. They may be used as conversation starters or writing prompts to lead children in discussions about STEM-related topics and current events.

The Now in Space slideshow introduces young explorers to the crew currently orbiting Earth on the International Space Station.

NASA encourages you to visit NASA Kids' Club and use its games and activities to inspire the next generation.